Replica Watches in India at - The Most Important Things You Should Know About Us :

1. As for – We have our Testing, Packing and Shipping Facility based in Bangalore and we can send you testing photos & videos of your ordered watch – So, you can check the authenticity of the workings of the Swiss movement. [We do this because most of the ‘first copy sellers’ or so called ‘Swiss ETA replica watch sellers’ in India claim they sell Swiss eta watches but they do nothing to prove this, they don’t even have real photos of the watch!]

2. We Sell only High-End Triple ‘AAA’ Grade Replica Watches & Authentic Swiss ETA Watches. The Swiss ETA watches have Authentic Swiss Movements that are cloned to perfection.

3. ‘We Do What We Say’ and we feel its utmost important to be as transparent as you can to your customers. You can ask us for all detailed photos of the Authentic Swiss Movements & we will happily open the back cases of our Watches and send you photos & other details.

4. We started selling Swiss Replica Watches Online in 2010, its been 12 years since we are in the business of selling Replica Watches [If you doubt You Can Literally Ask Us For The PROOFS – We can send you Hundreds of Courier Receipts as old as 13 to 14 years]. We Preserve all our Valuable Customer Records and strive to maintain a Long-Lasting Customer Relationship. And thus we have a ‘Regular-Ordering’ Customer Base that we have managed to keep happy for more than a decade.

More Details About our Workforce:

At we are a Highly Motivated, Knowledgeable and Professional Team of watch enthusiasts having an experience of more than 15 years into this business. We stand by our products and trusted customer service to provide you with a truly unique experience that the Replica Watch Market in India has always lacked.

Replica Watches have greatly improved over the years. We make sure you have a happy experience shopping from us!

The Indian Replica Watch Business (and Websites selling them) Loopholes:

Although Replica Watches have greatly improved over the years, unfortunately ‘The Business of Selling Replicas’ is another story. The world of replicas has been filled with “fly by night businesses” and all sort of websites using all sorts of different names and descriptions. Add to this many unscrupulous dealers who describe a Rs. 5,000 to 8,000 chinese copy watch as “high end” or “swiss made” and even worse – other vendors who simply defraud consumers by not sending out a watch at all – no wonder there is such confusion. So, You as a Consumer should be selective and you shall always ask for proper photos and videos of the product you are going to buy.

Most of the times the first copy websites are trying to sell you cheap chinese movement watches claiming it to be swiss movement! So, please check properly. Ask for the Live Movement or Machine Photos & Videos.

Many Genuine Watch Owners Regularly Buy From Us :

Our ‘Swiss ETA Replica Watches’ are regularly being purchased by many affluent individuals who own the real article. This is due to the fact that – if they are wearing our timepiece – they don’t have to worry about their watch when traveling to unsafe parts of the world, as they can put on their Swiss ETA Replica Watch knowing the original is safe and sound. And similarly, there are many such circumstances in which wearing a Genuine Swiss Watch worth lacs of Rupees is not feasible. Thus, buying a Swiss ETA Replica Watch is a great investment & can give you peace of mind as well.

For any further Queries you can Contact Us 24x7:
Call/Whatsapp: 7249540376

Frequently Asked Questions

About Order Process, Warranty  & Delivery Guarantee

We Accept the Following Payment Methods:
1. Online Payment using Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking (10% Off using these methods)
2. Emi on Credit Card Payments (10% Off here also)
3. UPI by all these apps: Paytm, Google Pay, Phone pe (10% Off here also)
4. Cash On Delivery (No Discount as we to bear Cash Handling Charges)

Yes, you can Call Us or Whatsapp us at: 7249540376 to place your orders.

Delivery time will range from 3 to 8 days depending on the availability of the stock. If we have readily available stock then delivery in 3 days flat, or else upto 8 days to import the watch and then deliver it to you. If there is a further delay in your order, we will notify you by email.

Our Business Runs on Trust – We can transparently share all details of your selected watch on Whatsapp before you do Online Payment. We can also share with you ‘Hundreds of Courier Tracking Receipts’ as Proof of Regular Deliveries & our Genuine Customer Reviews & Feedbacks in form of Whatsapp chats of many of our Satisfied Customers. If you are still not wanting to pay online, then you can opt for Cash On Delivery. But before making any decision we urge you to Call Us at: 7249540376. Thank You.

All our watches come with a 2 Year Warranty with FREE Pick-up & Drop Facility. We have experienced certified master watchmakers on retainer with over 20 years of experience working on Swiss watches – who can repair your watch if needed. But honestly speaking, we do a detailed check-up of every watch before dispatch – so the chances of any issues arising are minute.

About Swiss ETA Replica Watches (The Highest Grade Replica Watches)

The production cost for a Genuine Swiss Watch (be it be any brand) is only 20% of the money you pay to buy it. The rest 80% is pure profit & other expenses combined! On the other hand our watches are available at a much lower cost than a Genuine Swiss Brand Watch and are 99.99% exact match.

To give an idea, When you buy an Original Rolex, what you really pay for is:
1) R&D – Design and development
2) Salaries / wages of a huge number of employees
3) Manufacturing cost
4) Worldwide Advertising
5) Brand Endorsement Deals with Celebrities
6) Sponsoring Worldwide events for promoting Rolex as a Brand
7) Brands and dealers have to run Big Showrooms in Big Malls
8) National and Local dealer profit
9) Huge exhibitions costs
10) Customs tax, vat etc

When you buy our Swiss ETA Replica Watch you buy factory direct and you pay only for the Manufacturing cost plus a small dealer profit and nothing else!

There may be several reasons:

1) You want to put your replica through wear and tear because you don’t want to damage your genuine watch.
2) You want a genuine watch, but the price is too high.
3) You want to impress your friends or business clients.

The main reason why you want to purchase a Swiss ETA Replica instead of a regular first copy is because it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a Swiss ETA Replica Watch and the real thing. A regular, Chinese-made, or even the Japan-made watches are mass-produced. That is why they don’t have all the fine details and craftsmanship of a genuine Rolex.

A way to detect whether your Watch is real or not is by opening up the back and checking the movement. However with our Authentic Swiss Made ETA Movement Replica Watches, spotting a difference is no easy feat.

Our clone movements are the same in terms of mechanics and markings, therefore ‘Visually’ it is impossible to tell, since both movements are exactly the same.

In ‘Technical’ terms, they even beat at the same rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour. We are certain that from the outside as well as the inside, it is impossible to tell the difference. So even if a jeweller opens the watch it’s near impossible for him to tell if it’s a Genuine or not, since even the movements are cloned.

Talking about the outer case and Bracelets, the quality of the metal is the same found on a genuine watch. We use only high grade solid 904L stainless steel, and real 18k gold or rose gold wrapping and PVD Plating. This way, the weight and the feel of the watch is identical. The 904L stainless steel we use is used by Rolex also, they call it by a fancy name though: ‘Rolesor’.

Not at all! You may have seen cheaper first copy watches that have faded on you in the past. That is because generally the first copy watches that you buy are not Swiss Made & they use cheap materials! The first copy makers (usually in China) cannot afford to use solid 904L stainless steel, or even real 18k gold or rose gold or PVD Plating. The stainless steel on those first copy watches is 316L (Low quality), and the gold used is merely a gold type ‘colour’ which is then polished upon as a thin layer. This thin layer usually lasts for a few months on Chinese replicas, before the acid in your sweat starts corroding it. After that, the fake gold will wear off, and all you see is a cheap base metal.

On the other hand, on our Swiss ETA Replicas – We do Genuine 18k Gold Plating / Wrapping by a revolutionary gold plating technique using solid 18k gold and titanium nitride which offers 100x more durability. They can even be polished without fade. Our Gold Plated Watches can last many years and still look new.

Yes, you most definitely can! All Swiss ETA Replica Watches are fitted with Swiss P.H.E rubber seals and unique double core silicone ”O” Rings.
The scratch-resistant Swiss sapphire crystal will make sure the watch holds together even at great depths. The top quality 904L solid stainless steel construction will prevent salt water from eating into the watch. And the fine Swiss craftsmanship will guarantee your watch will never break down under water.
All our Swiss ETA replicas are water tested to 100 meters! The diver models are water tested to 300 meters! Some Swiss ETA selected diver models now come with working Helium Release Valve and they are fitted with the same extra thick Sapphire crystal as the original.